We’re all about driving YOUR conversations.

Create unique experiences
Spread awareness
Engage with clients / customers / guests / delegates / audiences

My special day

Be the centre of attraction at your special event. Make it a unique experience by having photos, videos and commentary about your event displayed on a social media wall to share your special day with all your guests.


My Events

Spread the excitement during events with an integrated social media feed, instant updates and running promotions.


Customer Conversations

Drive meaningful conversations with your clientele around topics that matter.


In today’s connected world, we (our lives, events, companies, brands) are being watched, followed, talked about, even trolled, on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

These incoherent bursts of posts, tweets and #tags need structure –
it needs to become a conversation.

To achieve this, you need to take control by driving the conversation about your event, company or brand.

It’s not enough to post on your company’s Facebook page, or tweeting #tags into the endless void that is the socialverse – people need to see your conversations and be made aware of the latest developments.

You need a consolidated platform to engage with your followers – a platform where you are in control to create the right vibe, i.e. set the trend by starting the conversation and engaging with them.

You need Social.Land

We stream your social media feeds to a social media wall or your website.

It only takes 5 easy steps
to get Social.Land up and running
  1. Choose your package
  2. Payment
  3. Configure your package
  4. Download and install the Social.Land app
  5. Connect to a display device
and you’re ready to go!


Social.Land allows you to pick a display theme, moderate posts, apply filters, block users and display rich media content.



To run the Social.Land app, you need a PC connected to a screen, monitor or projector, as well as an internet connection. Click here for more detailed requirements.