Welcome to Social.Land

We’ve created a software application that fetches the posts and comments from your Facebook Page, and #tags from Twitter and Instagram, consolidates and displays it in an informative and lively manner on a media wall or website.

We empower you to decide exactly which of these social media feeds make it to the media output, ensuring that no unwarranted and unsavoury content is displayed – you are in control.

The application (or “app”) can be configured to cater for your specific need, whether it is a once-off short duration private event like a wedding or birthday party, a public gathering like an expo, trade show, sporting event or any other live event, or a long-term ongoing requirement for a venue or marketing and public relations setting, like your company’s foyer.

To make it simple, we’ve pre-configured three packages in the app, just select the one that best suits your requirement: diamond, gold or platinum, respectively.