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Be the centre of attraction at your special event.

Make it a unique experience by having photos, videos and commentary about your event displayed on a social media wall to share your special day with all your guests.

As an example, let’s take your wedding, “Willis and Green” and make it special. Hook Social.Land up onto a big screen television or projector at the reception with all Twitter and Instagram feeds related to #Willis&Green, @H_Willis and @Green_DR displayed on the wall. See your guests’ selfies and congratulatory messages appear on the screen.

You need Social dot Land! We stream your social media feeds to a social media wall or your website.


For a once-off, short duration event, we recommend our Diamond package.

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Social.Land allows you to pick a display theme, moderate posts, apply filters, block users and display rich media content.

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To run the Social.Land app, you need a PC connected to a screen, monitor or projector, as well as an internet connection. Click here for more detailed requirements.

It only takes 5 easy steps
to get Social.Land up and running
Choose your package
Configure your package
Download and install the Social dot Land app
Connect to a display device